Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 October, 2007

Surprise! The Sky Didn’t Fall — Online Music Choices Grow

It makes your bloody blood boil. The moment technology changes, those myopic, conceited, techno-idiots with the greatest vested interest in the changing technology want government to protect them from the unknown.

It happens every bloody time, in analogue and digital and in audio and video and the moment the new paradigm shakes out, they shut up and rake in the profits.

Predictably, once music became easier to access and to access more definitively (none of this buy 12 to get the one you want crap), people would buy. Everyone but the greedy, self-serving industry knew it:

Whether at home, in the car or at his desk, designer Ben Robinson is surrounded by his favorite music — via his iPod or a Web jukebox like Pandora. Like other fans all over the world, Robinson, 26, is benefiting from the music industry’s drive to reinvent itself in the digital age.

Listeners now have many new ways to buy music online — from subscription and set-your-own price to advertising-supported. And, of course, there is Apple’s (AAPL.O) established online giant — iTunes.

Since it has become so easy to get music online, Robinson, for one, said he is buying twice as much as he used to. And he is also going to more gigs — all good news for an industry that has struggled with CD sales falling at an alarming rate.

The full article is here: Online music choices grow.


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