Posted by: Tony Carson | 22 October, 2007

Is Stephen Colbert Funny?

He certainly was, in small doses, on Jon Stewart but full-time, full-bore Colbert? Not so much.

His schtick is sophomorically predictable: to bludgeon his audience (and guests) with the vast and varied lunatic aspects of conservatism. To me this comes off as a cheap shot, fine in small doses but a lot of this silliness becomes just plain stupid.

As is his Presidential bid. When Pat Paulson went for it on … was it the Smothers Brothers? It was funny, because he really appeared to mean it. Colbert has no such pretensions, he’s just in it for the mockery. Unfunny.

Like most everyone else, I really admired his guts and humour at the Press Club dinner where he mocked everyone in sight, including the media as well as the President. But that was a high he couldn’t sustain. Now he is simply a parody of himself.

At least, that’s the way I see it.


  1. Haven’t watched him for a while (matter of months), but i am going to watch him live this weekend. Choosing between him and John Stewart, i think Colbert has (or at least had) more sophisticated humor.

  2. OK, watched him 🙂

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