Posted by: Tony Carson | 24 October, 2007

War costs may total $2.4 trillion

Talk about a legacy. GWB may well be the great acronym-inal epithet for the next couple of generations, as in ‘Go GWB yourself.’

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could total $2.4 trillion through the next decade, or nearly $8,000 per man, woman and child in the country, according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate scheduled for release Wednesday.

A previous CBO estimate put the wars’ costs at more than $1.6 trillion. This one adds $705 billion in interest, taking into account that the conflicts are being funded with borrowed money.

The USA Today story is here: War costs may total $2.4 trillion.



  1. Whooee! Just think of all the fire fightin’ equipment an’ manpower that money coulda bought fer Californie. Think of all the levee work that coulda been done in Nawlins. Think of all the renewable energy generating systems that could have been built. Think of all the medicine that coulda been bought and all the doctors trained and hired. Think of the all highway safety and infrastructure improvements that would save lives across the country.

    Natural disasters, disease and traffic accidents continue to kill and injure exponentially more Merkans than terrorism and war. The gummint oughta be actin’ on known threats that have a proven track record of killin’ thousands every year.

    At least Halliburton an’ Blackwater are showin’ a profit.


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