Posted by: Tony Carson | 26 October, 2007

Entertainment: Sarkozy to follow the Pierre Trudeau template?

Having marketed his marriage as an integral part of his presidential appeal, President Nicolas Sarkozy has had to endure the agony of its breakup in the full glare of the publicity he courted for his private life. But what happens now that Cécilia, once the object of his unwavering adoration, is gone? How does a newly divorced president go about seeking romantic companionship? And what will a politician proud of his considerable seductive powers do when he simply seeks a no-strings extramarital liaison — in the manner that French voters have long come to expect from their married presidents? Sarkozy will have to find answers to these questions as a nation alerted watches his every bachelor’s move: Stay tuned for the Elysée Palace Dating Game!

Canadians went through a version of this with Pierre Elliot Trudeau and, frankly, it was fairly entertaining, right up to the moment he walked a Flower Child half his age down the aisle.

But the French have a better deal than the Canadians had: they can voyeur on Nicky’s antics and Cecilla’s, too (if they can find her).

See Times Sex and the Single President.


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