Posted by: Tony Carson | 26 October, 2007

Why does lawless Israel escape UN/US criticism?

Why isn’t the Israeli strike in Syria an international outrage? If Syria had bombed Israel it would have been.

And why the bombing? Is it really because the Syrian building resembled a North Korean nuclear facility? This is the evidence?

This BBC article entitled Syria air strike target ‘removed’ reports:

Syria has consistently denied any plans to build a nuclear reactor, and its ambassador to the UN rejected the ISIS’s analysis, saying the building was “only a centre for research for the desert areas, arid and desert areas in Syria”.

“The main point is that is that the Israeli fighter jet violated the airspace of a member state of the United Nations. This is the only fact that we should focus on,” Bashar Jaafari said.

“The Israelis have undertaken a provocative action and they should assume the consequences.”

North Korea has adamantly denied that it was involved in helping Syria build any kind of nuclear facility.

The images, says the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus, are far from conclusive.



  1. Sorry, couldn’t help myself but read the BBC article… and then follow a link to another one on the same page, which discusses exactly the same question, but with different assumptions 🙂

  2. Thanks for that, Dima, but rather than your term ‘assumptions’ you might have said speculations because that’s what the fallout of this stelth mission was all about — and that’s why I have such a problem with it. In the absense of any firm reason one conutry bombs another, we are forced to speculate. That isn’t good enough, not nearly so. Then there is that pesky little problem of why Israel can be nuclear but not her neighbours, that seems indefensible by everyone but Israel and the US.

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