Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 October, 2007

Ms Bush’s ‘gift of freedom’

“No matter what you might read in the newspapers, people do appreciate the gift of freedom.” Laura Bush apparently utter that phrase in Kuwait two days ago.

If the Bush Administration will be remembered for anything it might be the empty, banalized phrase, the reduction of thought into a puerile slogan that dumbs down both the orator and the audience.

Ms Bush’s ‘freedom’ was the gift her warriors are force-feeding the neighbouring Iraqis, as if this isn’t an obvious and odious oxymoron.

But his and her inanities are allowed to go unchecked because a compliant press dutifully reports them without challenge.

Is the freedom she talks about the freedom to exist within a despoiled country? The freedom to flee? The freedom to die? Or is it the freedom to vote for an imposed government?

No matter what you may read stupidities remain stupid no matter who says them.

The story is here: Laura Bush Slams Newspapers on ‘Freedom’ and Iraq.


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