Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 October, 2007

Debate: should US bomb Iran?

Should the US bomb the supposed nuclear facilities in Iran with, essentially, the same type of information that they had on the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Yes, immediately,’ says Commentary magazine editor and Neocon Norman Podhoretz.

No,’ says Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria, ‘we have a policy that we understand, which is containment plus deterrence. We’re using sanctions. We’re using a kind of anti-Iranian alliance mechanism in the Middle East, which has become quite successful. We have isolated Iran.’

This an interesting debate between, what seems to me, a wacko neocon and a voice of reason.

ITs from PBS (so has audio): Experts Weigh U.S.-Iran Policy.


  1. Podhoretz is, of course, more than just a neocon loon. He’s also Guiliani’s foreign policy campaign advisor. These old Likudniks are so predictable and 5-watt Rudy is willing enough to do their bidding because what else is a serial-divorcee, cross-dresser Republican to do? The consequences of a third US war against an Islamic country are incalculable. Then there’s the issue of those NATO forces (including ours) with their asses hanging out in Afghanistan. That’s just what we need, open season on infidels.

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