Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 October, 2007

Mattel poisoned the kids not the Chinese

Remember how Mattel had to recall all those lead-based toys that the Chinese had so badly screwed up? Remember how the Chinese were roundly vilified for producing such shitty products?

Ya, well, Mattel has apologized to China for besmirching its name after they admitted that Mattel, itself, was in fact the guilty party for its poor engineering.

But where did this information come to light? Not from news accounts, they weren’t very evident, at least not obvious. The news came to light as a result of Mattel being including in the list of companies producing bad products. The story is here: Four Corporations Win Bad Product Awards

The US media is great at taking on the foreigners (witness the talk-up of Iraq and now Iran) but when their own screw-up, mum is the frigging word.


  1. Whooee! I reckon most haffway intelligent consumers already DO blame Mattel. .. at least partly. Mattel oughta been inspectin’ an’ demandin’ the cheapass Chinese was complyin’ with code. They shoulda been there testin’ in the factories an’ they shoulda been testin’ finished goods before they went out on the store shelves.

    By the same token, the Chinese factories shoulda been complyin’ an’ shouldn’ta been usin’ substandard toxic lead paint.

    The cheapass consumer’s also gotta take a little blame. The manufacturers know the only way they can sell a lotta product is if they sell it cheap. That’s the consumer tellin’ ’em they want a low price an’ that price is THE single most important factor fer consumers.

    Anyways, I figger it’s gonna be a good year fer craft-show toymakers. Mattel ain’t goin’ tits-up but the little guys who make a few hunnert wooden trains an’ trucks is gonna be busy fellers in their basements, sez I.


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