Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 October, 2007

US needs a National Health Care plan now … and can have one

It what is probably a determined effort not to offend the Healthcare industry, the presidentially contenders are offering a mishmash of incrementalism that is guaranteed to confuse as it deflects.

What the US needs is what all the other modern countries has: a single payer healthcare system. Period.

The argument has never been better made nor succinctly framed than in this short piece by a couple of doctors Say Yes to National Health Care. But if you haven’t the time, read this:

Despite the merits of a single-payer system, none of the major 2008 presidential candidates supports it. Instead, they have put forth a creative array of meaningless, incremental reforms that would do little for our failing system.

Next weekend, proponents of single payer will gather in Washington for the annual convention of Physicians for a National Health Program. Our group has proposed giving every U.S. resident a health care card entitling him or her to all medically necessary services. The new program would be funded by an increase in taxes, but that would be fully offset by savings from abolishing insurance premiums and many out-of-pocket health care costs. Those wanting cosmetic and other medically unnecessary services could still pay out of pocket.

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