Posted by: Tony Carson | 31 October, 2007

Acidophilus Bifidus: on the migratation from fine print to title

I poured Acidophilus Bifidus on my corn flakes this morning, a least that’s what the carton said it was, even after my double take.

What precisely is it? I’m not sure. It is white, like milk and it’s in a milk carton and the smaller print said it was ‘1% partially skimmed milk’ and in larger coloured type at the bottom ‘low in saturated fats.’

So I guess I had some milk, or a milk product or a milk-like concoction.

It doesn’t surprise me that I poured the stuff without reading up on it; it was beside something called Silk that had been pressed from soya beans or something. No, but what does surprise me is that they are now marketing this stuff (whatever it is) as Acidophilus Bifidus … as if that shouldn’t scare me off.

So I guess we’ve finally arrived. All those unpronounceable ingredients on the sides of box, bags and cans have finally migrated from the fine print to the title.

Which is just as well when you think about it because the days of actually distinguishing one thing from another by taste are pretty much over.

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