Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 November, 2007

Moving closer to a Knesset without Arabs

“Enough of Arab Knesset members spitting in our faces and us saying it’s raining.”

The solution? Bar Israelis who visit “enemy states” from serving in parliament.

Thats a bill that has received preliminary passage in the Knesset.

The legislation passed by 52-19 votes on Tuesday will have to be approved another three times before being enacted.

It seeks to make it illegal for Israelis who visit “enemy states” – including Syria, with whom Israel remains technically at war – without permission to serve as a Knesset member.

Israeli-Arab MPs said the plan showed the Knesset was “racist” and vowed not to abide by any eventual law. “The Knesset is steeped in racism,” said Ahmed Tibi of the United Arab List party.

“Corrupt members of the Knesset want a Knesset without Arabs… If I am invited [to an enemy state] I will go despite the law.”

“If we have to choose between loyalty to our people, or serving the Knesset, then good luck to the Knesset,” said Muhammad Barakei, who heads the Hadash party.

The full story here: Knesset move angers Israeli Arabs.


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