Posted by: Tony Carson | 3 November, 2007

Kucinich to try to Impeach Cheney next week

Frustrated by the refusal of Democratic leaders to set up a process for holding hearings on his proposal to impeach vice president Dick Cheney, Congressman and presidential contender  Dennis Kucinich will use an arcane House rule on Tuesday allowing for the prodding of the process with privileged resolutions to try and force consideration. Once introduced, a privileged resolution must be addressed within two legislative days.

There is significant national support for impeachment.  According to The Nation “when the American Research Group conducted a national survey in early July of this year, it found that 54 percent of American adults wanted the House to begin impeachment proceedings against Cheney — with 76 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of independents and a striking 17 percent of Republicans favoring the step.”

Forty-six percent of Americans surveyed backed impeachment proceedings against Bush — with support for impeachment at 69 percent among Democrats, 50 percent among independents and 13 percent among Republicans.

A fresh poll conducted for Vermont’s WCAX television station finds that citizens of that state enthusiastically believe that Congress beginning impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

Sixty-one percent of the Vermonters surveyed favor taking steps to impeach the president, while just 33% oppose doing so.

The numbers are even higher for impeaching Cheney. Sixty-four percent of Vermonters favor beginning the process of holding the vice president to account, where only 31 percent are opposed.

The full article is here:  Calling the Question — In the House — on Impeaching Cheney


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