Posted by: Tony Carson | 3 November, 2007

Why US Diplomats Won’t Go to Iraq

There can be no greater condemnation of the Bush policy in Iraq than the one offered by US ambassadors: we won’t go.

But why? Time tries to answer the question here: Why Diplomats Won’t Go to Iraq

But really, it is no great mystery. Stuck in the Green Zone with little contact with Iraq, the job would seem to be a dead-ender on the diplomatic front, and that’s before the missiles or gas canisters are fired over the walls.

The ambassadors refusal to go focuses the mind on just how awful the grunts have it over there. They have no choice. (And maybe some diplomats won’t, either.)

It also focuses on just how inept US diplomacy has become under this regime. There isn’t any in most of the Middle East, and where there is diplomacy it’s a rubber stamp to Israel self-serving agressions.


  1. We call these people what they are – cowards.

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