Posted by: Tony Carson | 4 November, 2007

NFL Is No. 1 for a reason

Why the NFL Is Still No. 1 Time asks, then answers the question by pronouncing it’s because baseball and basketball (hockey is never mentioned) are peopled by such dreadful if excellent athletes..

In making the point, the article is more about A-rod and Kobe then it is about Brady and Manning. Its more about the selfish excesses of the former than it is about the superb athletic exploits of the latter.

But it might just as well been about the structure of the sports. The NFL (and NHL) have salary caps the others don’t, which leads to such spectacles as a $200 million payroll playing a $30 million payroll which is what non-cap sport has become: a decidedly tilted playing field.

In the scheme of things it hardly matters … unless you’re forking out $100 for a ticket to participate … as a dupe.



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