Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 November, 2007

Nora Ephron: It’s Hard to be a Democrat

It has never been easy being a Liberal in the US but these days Liberalism isn’t even on the radar. The Democrats are just as corporate as the Republicans with the same lust for aggression.

As an outsider it’s hard to understand how it must feel, but Nora Ephron gives a pretty good sense of the despair.

And she raises a question that has been front and centre since ’06 when the Democrats got control of the House: why not vote your conscience and have the president veto it, time and time again? Why prostitute your principles simply because Bush has the hammer?

And what real choice is there? When Hillary gets in she will be just as corporate as Bush. So why not join Nora and vote for Kucinich?

She’s here: Nora Ephron: It’s Hard to be a Democrat.



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