Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 November, 2007

The American fetish for flag-pride is nothing short of jingoism.

Opinions –


Has this flag thing gone way too far in the US? In this pic Navy celebrates its victory over Notre Dame, its first in 44 years, with a spectacle that seems to imply: our patriotism beat your patriotism.

In the American game of football, played in the US in front of Americans, and televised to Americans across the vast lands of America everyone of the field has an American flag afixed to his helmet or shoulder. What is this supposed to signify? Really. What?

It makes some sense at International events but none at domestic events. None. As in absolutely none. As in, no more sense than a flag on your lapel.

Regrettably, Canada is joining this senseless stupidity by putting Canadian flags on the helmet of mainly American players. Doubly stupid?

Overt patriotism, like nationalism, is an evil: it limits understanding and empathy of and for anything outside the sacrosanct borders. The American fetish for flag-pride is nothing short of jingoism.



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  2. Whooee! Many Canajuns don’t grasp the extent to which flag worship indoctrination is carried out in the US. Every schoolkid from grade 1 up stands up every school day and faces the flag. They all put their hands over their hearts and recite in unison the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. This happens every school day fer 12 years. In every public school in the US.

    I agree we’re barkin’ up the wrong tree if we try to follow the nationalistic Merkan lead. We got a long way to go if we wanna catch up, though.


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