Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 November, 2007

If your were a US diplomat, would you go?

If you were a US diplomat (almost an oxymoron), would you go to Iraq? If you survive the experience, it seems like a pretty sweet deal.

According to this Time article Great Money and Perks. Come to Iraq volunteers (and so far there are 15 of a necessary staffing of 48) will get their pay plus 70% and have their families looked after at the previous posting or stateside and they will get one of their top five choices in their next posting. Seems like its worth the risk.

And a great place to save money. How much can you spend in the Green Zone when you’re living in a bomb-proof high-rise with nowhere to go?

Still, diplomats are supposed to be pretty sharp so they’d know a little about the risks so how sweet a deal could it be: there are those 33 unfilled spots.

And if you can’t leave the Green Zone all you’d ever have a chance to diplomat with would be the Iraqi politicians confined to the Green Zone and that might get pretty boring pretty fast. And of course there is the downside of being hated by virtually everyone outside the walls.

And there is no shade.

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