Posted by: Tony Carson | 7 November, 2007

Giuliani: Bush with Brains

Remember when George Bush was first running for office and most everyone wrote him off as too dumb for the job? Clearly, they were right.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is running for office and many, like Michael Tomasky in this Guardian op-ed This Is One Dangerous Man: It’s George Bush with Brains, are calling him too deceitful for office: a chronic, opportunistic liar.

I know the form all too well. I covered Giuliani for a dozen years in New York. The man lies with staggering impunity. But here’s the thing: he does it with such conviction and such seeming authority that people who are not inclined to study the matter will believe him – will in fact be utterly convinced that Giuliani is speaking the gospel truth, and they will prove almost impossible to shake from this conviction.

To avoid the Bush trap, shouldn’t this be so sorted out now, before the election. If Giuliani will say anything to get elected, won’t he say anything from centre stage in the Oval Office once he is elected? And aren’t Americans tired of this immoral expedience?

The media has proven wonderfully adept at adjusting to the weakness of candidates … if the candidate is a front-runner. Otherwise, it is equally adept at smearing derisive scorn on the also-rans they intend to keep in their place.  Ask Paul and Kucinich et al.

The campaign for the primaries should be a vital sorting-out process to take a true measure of the candidates. Clearly, it failed miserably in the Bush years — he ended up being the very man he was initially perceived to be.

Giuliani appears to be another test case. Will be be held to account or will the media just roll their eyes again and shrug … and put their money on the horse race?


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