Posted by: Tony Carson | 12 November, 2007

Britain in a motto?

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is seeking to capture the public’s imagination with a search for a national motto. Is this a good idea?

One would think not. For a number of reasons.

• A national motto would only appeal to a super-serious few;

• It is justly open to ridicule by the vast majority;

• An entity will never appear the same way to all, so why try;

• It is a vanity exercise;

• It would be a salve on national wounds, or be perceived to be;

• In its attempt at inclusiveness, it could never recognize diversity;

• It will ultimately be bland;

• It will only appeal to the patriots, thereby missing those it seeks to attract.

On the other hand, if it works it might inspire youth and that would be a terrific pay-off.

The atrticle is here:  Britain in five words

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