Posted by: Sam Carson | 14 November, 2007

The iTrojan: your mac is vulnerable too

On Halloween Apple Macs owners got a taste of what these Windows people have been talking about for years, as internet criminals released the first trojan for Macs:

The Trojan comes disguised as a video-decoding plug-in that users are told they must install to watch free porn clips. Instead, the software burrows into the operating system and diverts some of the victim’s future web surfing to sites under the attacker’s control. It’s the professional attack on Macs that the security community has long predicted, according to Dave Marcus, security research manager at McAfee’s Avert Lab, who said it was “written by people who know how to write malware.”

In some ways Mac users should be proud, the iGospel has spread so far that there are enough Macs out there for malware crooks to take the time to write their vicious code. As Wired reports: “The arrival of the Mac Trojan signals that cybercrooks have decided there are finally enough Apple systems on the internet to make attacking them profitable, according to security experts.”

All is not lost iFriends, the Trojan does not exploit gaps in the software as Windows trojans do, OSX’s Unix base prevents this from happening. No, the only way you will find this nasty little code in your system is if you’ve been silly in the Internet’s red light district, and accepted an invitation to install a codec. You should know better.


  1. I liked the part where the McAfee guy said that this trojan was “written by people who know how to write malware.”

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