Posted by: Tony Carson | 31 August, 2008

Palin needs more time to think

Images pepper the internet of the wildly pro-gun Gov. Sarah Palin smiling beside dead animals she apparently just freshly killed. Her parent’s living room (below) seems positively wallpapered with heads and pelts, constant reminders of past conquests.

And we learn as the fundamental truth of this woman that she is against abortion of any kind. Palin would give no woman the right to choose.

Gun ownership and anti-abortion: two separate issue that obsess her conservative base while offending much of the rest of the country.

Put those issues together. A woman who is in favour of shooting animals while denying a woman the choice of aborting an unwanted fetus. That’s a dichotomy that’s hard to understand. If life is so sacred, why don’t animals in the wild qualify?

That’s the problem with the Right’s gun/abortion stance. It seems half an argument, something only partially thought through. Hard to respect that.


  1. Yes, a strange dichotomy.

    How about the third pillar of the right, the death penalty. How old does this precious life have to be before the state can kill it? The mother does not have the right to choose, but the US still has not banned the death penalty for children.

    That’s a head scratcher. The result is that the right doesn’t want women to have that right, only the state.

  2. If you saw the interviews with Palin she is dumber even than McCain if you can believe that. Charlie Gibson just did an interview with her and she has no clue what entitlements mean, it is basically a joke to me the McCain/Palin ticket is nothing more than four more years of failed policy, this race should not even be a contest here, kind of makes me think it might be rigged.

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