Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 September, 2008

With Palin belief trumps rational thought

Gov Palin and her family are not making it easy to understand the Right’s position on abortion and sex in general.

Let’s get one thing straight: no one is in favour of abortion. When viewed as necessary, it is a choice of anguish within a future of despair. As a choice, it is never more than the lesser of a long list of evils. But in the US today, terminating a pregnancy is still is a legal choice.

But to the Christian Right it is an immoral choice; it is murder, and they are doing all they can to make it illegal. Gov. Palin is a leader in this movement. She is rigidly against abortion, no matter what the cause, almost without exceptions. And she is among those who would limit sex education in school only to to the teaching of abstinence. Clearly, Ms Pailn is a woman of principles.

And she is prepared to live with the consequences. At 44, she knowingly gave birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome. Today it was announced that her 17 year old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant.

What is hard to understand is not the decision to have these births but that these births weren’t the result of a rational decision at all but merely the result of a belief.

What other beliefs does Gov. Palin have that will trump rational thought?

If her finger is on the nuclear button, and there is a statistical chance it just might be, why shouldn’t the world tremble?

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