Posted by: Tony Carson | 11 October, 2008

Gone is the swagger

This headline spells the merciful end of the Bush Doctrine: Bush will work with G7 on credit crisis.

The ‘if you’re not for us, you’re against us’ president seems to be blindly feeling about for help, any help to solve yet another world crisis he has exacerbated if not flat-out created.

The knock on Bush during his initial presidential campaign was that he was not intellectually up to the challenge of running his country. That he has spent his nearly eight years in office proving the accusation is indisputable. But who can take solace in predicting his incompetence?

Remember when the UK Guardian ran that mini-campaign to get Brits to bring pressure on that particular county in a swing state to influence the election for Kerry? They used the argument that everyone, foreigners included, has a vested interest in the outcome of the US election. The Guardian was forced to back off but they were right at the time, and brilliant in hindsight.

No one can take any pleasure in watching the denouement of this pathetic presidency. The most we foreigners can do is to hope that the next president recognizes the scope of the education crisis in the country and does something about it to prevent the election of more presidents ‘I’d like to have a beer with.’

Of course, if the appeal is to John McCain it will already be too late.


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