Posted by: Tony Carson | 13 February, 2009

And the country continues to rot

If the Obama Administration were to be definitively evaluated today it would be hard not to draw these conclusions:

• Obama inherited a financial mess caused by a Bush Administration’s failure to regulate the financial sector, among others, and an American public drunk on credit (while having their wages redlined).

• The Liberal ideology which Obama espouses is determined to bring economic health back to the Middle Class and to stitch-up a social safety net to include universal healthcare.

• To do these things Obama will need some cooperation from the Conservative side of the House so has made some significant effort to reach out a bi-partisan hand by appointing Republicans to his cabinet, or trying to, and including tax cuts as a large measure of his stimulus plan (35%), even though they have a relatively small impact on stimulus.

• The Republicans, apparently following the Conservative radio shocking heads, have drawn battle lines against the ‘reckless spending’ of the stimulus bill and demand more tax cuts of the kind that helped to create the mess under the Bush Administration.

• The mindless rancour that substitutes for what should have been a deserved ‘honeymoon period’ has poisoned the political climate in DC and may well arrest all efforts to fight what may become a losing battle to right a failing economy.

• And it’s hard not to conclude that Republicans, without workable solutions of their own, are, instead, determined to obstruct all efforts of the Democrats.

• And the country continues to rot.



  1. So now that Obama is in the hot seat, what’s changed???

    From this side of the pond, not too much…

    More spend on useless wars as yet more troops are being sent to Afghanistan…

    Yet more citizen dollars going down the pan to support an economy which caused the problem in the first place…

    Even more useless rhetoric on promises which will never be delivered…

    Not a good start I think.

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