Posted by: Tony Carson | 24 July, 2009

Health care, the US just can’t help itself

It is sad watching the US try to deal with one of their daunting problems. This one health care.

As usual, rather than tackle the issue as an intellectual/economic/social problem, they tickle along the margins to come up with some form of compromise that might be acceptable to the divergent interests of the self-serving lobbies.

Of course, the US is incapable of learning from others: the French system is, well, French, enough said; the Canadian system can be entirely invalidated by interviewing a single person who waited too long in a line; the British system will give you bad teeth.

No, there must be a made-in-America solution, one that makes health care a non-right, is funded through increasingly impecunious and vanishing employers and creates sufficient levels of coverage so there can be no confusion between the have and the have nots.

In other words, they’ll get a version of what they have. The US just can’t help itself.

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