Posted by: Tony Carson | 16 October, 2009

Should Morbidly Obese Kids Be Taken from Their Parents?

A number of years ago a prominent politician in the Yukon (Canada) made headlines when he suggested that pregnant women, if they continued to drink alcohol, should be incarcerated until their baby was born.

Predictably, it hit the fan and equally predictably a subsequent government ‘solved’ the problem of FAS/FAE by placing black and orange stickers on liquor bottles warning that drinking while pregnant could cause problems.

Governments are notoriously gutless and inevitably unimaginative.

Should morbidly obese kids be taken from their parents? asks Time magazine.

Maybe, as a final step, but the first step should be to find out WHY there are more kids today that are obese than ever before. And that may uncover some uncomfortable questions.

• Why are there rising numbers of kids born into poverty?

• Why are there fewer parks and recreational facilities per capita?

• Why are there no sidewalks being built for kids to walk on?

• Why have cars been allowed to occupy more than half of our cities?

• Why are there few stores in the inner city selling fresh foods?

• Why do parents have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet?

• Why has day care become an unaffordable luxury?

• Why? Why? Why?

Fat kids are a symptom. What is the cause? Deal with that first.


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