Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 October, 2009

A brief peek at the US debt

• US accumulated debt is a tad under $12 trillion which is about 90% the size of the country’s economy (Gross Domestic Product).


• The US debt continues to increase at an average rate of $4 bn each and every day.

• This year’s annual deficit (budget year ending Sept 30) was $1.4 trillion. (Previous high $459 bn last year)

• This annual deficit is roughly 10% of the economy (GDP). (Highest since WWII)

• Right now, every one of the 307+ million Americans owes about $39,000.

• The annual interest payment owed on the debt is $383 bn. (More than every department of the government but the Military and Social Services)

• Who holds the debt?


• How is the US budget spent?




  1. nice graphs! There is a NYT article on the US debt today (see post at It hasn’t been just after the financial crisis of 2008 that the US Government has had unbalanced annual budgets… And consider consumer “use” of credit cards? Is there something about our society–about ourselves–that we are missing because we are in it? (e.g. a fish doesn’t “see” its water). I don’t think we are digging deep enough.

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