Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 October, 2009

Israel’s new asymmetrical warfare

In recent years Israel has trod across the world stage bristling with weapon intent on destruction: in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Iraq, in Syria, in Iran.

Had the US not held Israel by the scruff of the neck who knows who it would be beating on now… and why.

By creating its enemies then fighting its wars Israel has been wonderfully successful at delaying the inevitable: a process to formulate a formal Palestinian State, something the entire world, but for the Americans, demands.

But wars aren’t so popular any more, especially, as the Goldstone reports tells us, the way the Israeli’s conduct them. So now Israel is taking a new tact to accomplish the same peace-process delaying tactic. In addition to occasionally doing battle with its neighbours Israel will now bark at the world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is promising to fight a prolonged diplomatic battle with the UN to “delegitimize” a UN report calling Israel to account for its war crimes perpetrated in the high-tech blood-bath in Gaza. (1,387 Palestinians dead, mainly civilians, vs 13 Israelis).

“Israel must delegitimise the delegitimisation,” Netanyahu said, reported by Reuters, adding that the campaign of delegitimization “would not take just a week or two but possibly years.”

There it is. The new strategy. Instead of bullets, or more probably in addition to bullets, the Israelis will use words, a diplomatic battle against the UN’s accusation of war crimes, to fend off demands that Israel sit down with the Palestinians at the peace table.

Because this diplomatic battle to delegitimize the the Goldstone report “will take years,” it will, by necessity, bury the U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace initiative, which, at any rate, has been as hapless as it has been hopeless.

So, score another one for the Israelis. They aren’t EVER going to let the Palestinians have even a Swiss-cheese country and the Israeli are going to continue to mesmerize the world with its slight of hand tactics that work, time after time after time.

And, of course, the Americans are going to continue to enable them — while writing the Israelis their annual cheque for $3.5 billion to buy US made munitions. Talk about asymmetrical warfare.

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