Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 October, 2009

Will the real Rick Hillier just go away

As the most public and vociferous Chief of Defence Canada has ever seen, Rick Hillier criss-crossed the country talking up the war in Afghanistan to any microphone he could find.

He was told to shut up a few times but he just kept on demanding more troops, greater budgets, more materiel, more war.

Now, according to CBC, in his new memoir Hillier

argued for Canadian troops deployed to Afghanistan to be kept in the relative safety of Kabul, and he rebuffs claims he was responsible for getting the country mired in the bloody battlefields of Kandahar.

The mission he really wanted, he claims, was not to put his men in danger in Kandahar but to have them rebuild the airport in Kabul.

Hillier just isn’t believable.

He always appeared to be a loud-mouth play-acting at being a general. Now he’s trying to rehab a tawdry reputation before Canada packs up and leaves the failed mission.

In attempting to deflect responsibility, turns out Hillier isn’t much of a man, either.



  1. He has done more for the Canadian Army than anyone has ever done, just has the smarts and the courage to do what others did not do!!!…

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