Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 October, 2009

The spirit of Florence in downtown Chicago

Wow. The spirit of Florence is taking root in downtown Chicago.

When Firenze started the Renaissance back in the 15th century the wealthy took it as a matter of responsibility to spread the wealth around by building parks and commissioning art for the entire city to enjoy. This creative enterprise, that became known as the Renaissance, is a legacy that still lives on throughout Italy — to the glory of all mankind.

Fast forward 500 years to witness examples of corporate responsibility in our time: Trump Tower pretty much says it all. The Me decades were always first and foremost about the corporations.

But Apple might be hinting at a new direction others might like to follow and with the same alacrity they follow everything else Apple does. Apple is refurbishing a run-down Chicago subway station that will be adjacent to its new store in the Windy City.

Sure, this move is a trifle self-serving but the Medici hardly threw money away.

We can only hope that this near-ultraism widens the eyes of the squinting corporatists who have a lot to learn about giving back. God knows, they have mastered the art of taking.

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