Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 October, 2009

Can Twitter nudge Obama into action?

The man who ran on “Change you can believe in’ has not yet committed to attending the Copenhagen Climate Summit — a place where change is urgently required.

This doesn’t sit well with environmentalists … and everyone else who backed a man who set himself apart from the business as usual mentality of Washington. Change. Change. Change. We heard it every day for 18 months. So far it, there hasn’t been much, just more of the same.

Global warming matters … to everyone on the planet. It will take real leadership to change the trajectory of our collective slide into the troubling unknown of higher temperatures, higher water levels and higher rates of anguish. The US has been a leader in this slide. It should be a leader in reversing the trend.

Be That Change, a UK organization whose slogan is ‘An end to poverty. A future for our planet,’ has started a twitterstorm to push President Obama into a corner … and to Copenhagen in December.

Here’s their message:

Let’s hit trending topics (in Twitter) and send (President Obama) a message that can’t be ignored. Make it clear we want his attendance and his leadership at Copenhagen.

Digg us. Forward to your friends. Retweet, retweet, retweet.
Together, we can get #hope2cope.

The world embraced Obama’s message of hope. The world wants the change he talked about. The world has a lot to lose if he doesn’t keep his promises. The world is watching … and waiting … and now insisting. Global warming matters to everyone.

Join the twitterstorm. Demand the change we all believe in.


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