Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 October, 2009

Market survey: do you care that I murdered 48 people with my crack pipe?

The ‘Image is Everything’ guy ex-tennis player Andre Agassi apparently admits in a new book that he took crack. Ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan (with his lawyer!) was on Larry King last night unraveling his difficult past two years of failed marriage, incarcerated son and … (I moved on).

Both have gone public because they felt their story is one people can “learn from” … if we would only buy the book.

These two are hardly alone. Larry has become the go-to guy to rehab a reputation or to titillate your story into book sales for years. Jay and Dave have been pretty good at it, too.

Before everyone gets entirely fed-up with this Oprah meets James Fry phenomenon of publicly laying bare the soul for profit, I have an admission. A lot of them.

Would you please take a few minutes to let me know which of my following sins you would most like to read about in my forthcoming book.


Unfortunately, you have to first offend to be forgiven. Lighting up a crack pipe seems a pleasant way to make big bucks — that’s Agassi’s message to me.

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