Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 October, 2009

US workers are getting screwed

The country that just increased its military budget from $600 to 680 billion won’t give their workers a break.

Three examples comparing Canada to the US (and Canada doesn’t have it anywhere near as good as Europe).

  • Statutory Holidays: Everyone in Canada gets 11 statutory holidays a year — paid. There are no statutory holidays in the US, just a mish-mash of federal, state and bank worker holidays leaving most workers out.
  • Holiday pay: in Canada law mandates that employers pay at least 4% of an annual wage for holidays. There are no requirements in the US that employers pay their employees for annual holidays, which themselves aren’t a given.
  • Maternity leave: Pregnant women are eligible for at least 17 weeks of paid maternity leave in Canada. This can be supplemented by periods of parental leave which is often transferrable to the husband. There are no requirements for maternity leave in the US although many companies do provide some assitance. But only 8% of companies offer paid leave of 12 weeks or more.

Probably call the Canadian/EU/developed world approach socialism.


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