Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 October, 2009

Fitness facilities perping junk food

More schools are banning junk food from vending machines so why are they allowing these health hazards in fitness facilities?

That’s what the BBC asked in this article, Leisure centre ‘junk food’ alert.

It reports that the average content of vending machines snacks is 203 calories, which would take a seven-year-old 88 minutes of swimming to use up.

It’s a bitch burning calories.

My iPod nano tells me that if I walk 5,000 steps I burn off 250 calories or 1 lousy hotdog with mustard. To burn off a glazed donut, 275 calories, I have to walk 5,500 steps; a burger and fries of 800 calories requires 16,000 steps; a small box of chocolates, 1,400 calories, 28,000 steps.

OK, so we know, at some level, that these indulgences come with a price. But should we be encouraged to indulge in the very places we go to pay that price?

My fitness centre is a fabulous place but it’s as guilty of perping junk food as any.

But it takes it one step further. At my centre they tell us that their junk food is a sweet way to:

• Eat Right • Stay Fit • Live Life.

Healthy choices.JPG



  1. Thanks for this…it says it all …and very well.

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