Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 October, 2009

Guess what: diplomacy works

During the recent US presidential race, candidate Obama was routinely and maliciously ridiculed about his intentions to use increased diplomacy if he became President. This at a time when the Bush administration had eschewed all forms of ‘soft power’ and characterized it as a pitiful weakness.

The issue of diplomacy often focused on Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon: attack them vs talk to them.

Attack, demanded Israel — daily; attack, demanded the neocons — daily; attack demanded most on the Right.

Talk, directed President Obama and Sec State Clinton.

Guess what?

Speaking before talks with US Middle East envoy George Mitchell, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu called the just announced UN proposal to regulate Iran’s uranium enrichment programme a “positive first step” in stopping Tehran developing a nuclear weapon.

Under the plan, reported by BBC in Israel endorses Iran Nuclear Plan, low-enriched fuel would be further processed outside Iran.

On Thursday, the UN’s nuclear watchdog confirmed it had received Iran’s response to the directive, but its contents have not been released.

Mr Netanyahu said: “I think that the proposal to have Iran withdraw its enriched uranium, or a good portion of it, outside Iran is a positive first step.”

He also praised US President Barack Obama’s efforts in drawing global attention to the issue of Iran’s nuclear programme.

What Netanyahu didn’t say is that had he and the neocons and the US Right had their druthers they would have bombed the bejeezes out of Iran by now.

So let’s hear it for Soft Power. And lets remember that if done right it can work.

Score one for the peace-givers.


  1. Ignoring that Iran hasn’t accepted the terms. Ignoring the fact that the world has given up on the hope for a non-nuclear Iran. Ignore that Iran still wants to wipe Israel (and the US) off the map…ignore the fact that nothing has actually changed in the circumstances surrounding Iran, except that Liberals and Ahmadinejad are breathing easy, you might have a point.

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