Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 October, 2009

teddy’s Iran/China rant

I rather liked this rant from ‘teddy’ in response to an article at CommonDreams by Dilip Hiro entitled Why Obama’s Iran policy will fail. The rant would be funny if it wasn’t all petty much true.

just so you know. purely on economics and technology :

CHINA now , presently, has for at least a year mandated that all cars sold in china, domestic or foreign be fitted with Hybrid electric, or fuel-efficient capability. their state sponsors domestic car manufacturers of course, but gives incentives the more they develop electric, or other alternative , fuel efficient cars..and instead SEVERELY TAX imported cars as “luxuries” if they do not provide high efficient fuel use should a domestic buyer insist on getting such foreign cars.

RESULT – even japan with its most advanced car technology is gearing MUCH of its future car marketing to satisfy China’s requirements.

ALSO – as of TODAY – ONE out of TEN chinese households – 1 out of 10 – urban and remote rural areas, is already fitted with SOLAR POWER..and china means to be the premiere solar and wind power energy producer.

RESULT at present:

With China suffering from the effects of the recession that was concocted in the USA Wall Street Finance and its own recalcitrant Corporations – because of China’s over-dependence on EXPORT – china refocused much of its sovereign credit and wealth and savings to INTERNAL DOMESTIC DEVELOPMENT.

meaning? they found out – they have SUFFICIENT DOMESTIC MARKET to compensate for the loss of “export earnings”.

and of course their Intra Regional trade with Southeast Asia has increased…china being now the biggest trade partner of………japan..and soon south korea..and of course the ASEAN nations…

in other words:

WHO NEEDS THE USA consumer anyway? they can’t even pay for the cheap goods properly!

as of TODAY – China’s YUAN has entered limited but effective trade exchagne with

Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea (a big chunk of their trade in fact, already) , Laos, Myanmar..India to follow, and others..

NOT YET as a “store of value” but enough to be “transactional”

oh , and there’s IRAN of course – where china definitely ISN”T going to toe the USA line of attacking or even destabilizing or even isolating iran. no no no. not when CHINA’s ENERGY needs and economic ties have GROWN by LEAPS and BOUNDS to IRAN! and so has Russia’s.

THE USA is wanting to “reshape the middle east” in the image of “the west” USA LED?

it is STARING into a face that has THIS visage:

“CHINA.RUSSIA.IRAN and ALL of the rest of ASIA”……..

the USA should just learn to accept it NOW, RIGHT NOW.

it’s EMPIRE and days of dictating to the world are OVER. KAPUT, FINITO.

NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN ANYMORE and they AREN”T FRIGHTENED at all OF the USA. ONLY the MESS the USA can still create…but they aren’t about to PERMIT THAT without SEVERE consequences to the USA that would spell its ULTIMATE COLLAPSE.

maybe OBAMA , his generals, their pentagon, the Congress, the us Media, the Corporations want to TRY and REALLY FIND OUT?

all they have to do is KEEP DOING what they THINK they can still keep doing and

see where THAT gets them…..

— teddy

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