Posted by: Tony Carson | 31 October, 2009

Afghanistan: time to give it back to them an apologize

If US President Obama is waiting to see if the Afghanistan government is worth escalating a war for, well, it looks like he’s got some time on his hands.

Presidential challenger, Abdullah Adbullah apparently plans to boycott next week’s run-off election against the much-criticized incumbent, President Hamid Karzai.

With the initial reason for the US invasion of Afghanistan as long forgotten as the reasons for its occupation of Iraq, the Administration was pinning all its hopes on escalating its military presence in the country to back democracy, even if the head of that democracy had to be a discredited US puppet with no credibility outside factions of Kabul.

Now, democracy has taken another severe body blow, and the raison d’ete of Obama’s troop escalation has been soundly mooted.

And, on the bais of logic, if the war can’t be won without troop escalation, it is lost.

Good. The country, as everyone knows, belongs to the warlords anyway.

As was once said of the British in Ireland: it’s time to give it back to them and apologize.

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