Posted by: Tony Carson | 31 October, 2009

Are you doing everything you can to control your psoriasis?

I did.


And it whitened my teeth, gave me a wonderful clavicle, added a sheeny lustre to my hair and blued-up my eyes.

No, no, I’m really liking my new psoriasis. Wish you had it, too.


  1. I used to do ads for drug companies, the best advise I can give is; just ignore it.

  2. Good post and much appreciated too. I’ve done a lot of research on psoriasis because I have both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. It basically comes down to your immune system being FALSELY triggered. Unfortunately, when the UPS guy comes to deliver a package, he would rather sit the package down on the ground than hand it to me. Just in case.

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