Posted by: Tony Carson | 31 October, 2009

On Madoff and Geithner and Summers

The US Security and Exchange Commission is to investigating ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff what Obama Administration financial bosses, Geithner and Summers are to regulating Wall Street.

That’s the impression you get when you the read NY Times article Lapses Helped Scheme, Madoff Told Investigators.

It isn’t ineptness that has created all the financial troubles, these guys are way too bright for that.

In the Madoff fiasco it was because “it never entered the S.E.C.’s mind that it was a Ponzi scheme.”

In Geithner and Summer’s case it seems it never entered their minds that free, unrestrained markets could lapse into primitive, wealth-destroying greed.

Either way, an objective mind, outside the seductive centripetal forces of the financial market place, knows that man and corporation lust for more … and more and more, we just can’t help ourselves.

We need to be controlled. Bernie did and so does Wall Street. Controlled every step of the way.

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