Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 November, 2009

Great trip: Clinton gets a zero on credibility

My God, how to lose all your credibility in one inane utterance:

“What the prime minister has offered in specifics on restraints on a policy of settlements … is unprecedented,” said Secretary of State Clinton, according to AP in Clinton calls Israeli concessions “unprecedented.”

How dumb does the Secretary think the world is?

She gives the rogue nation $3.5 billion, a bunch of planes, cluster bombs and any other munitions they wants, asks them not to build in the West Bank and when they do their ‘co-operation’ is “unprecedented?”

The US foreign policy dealing with the Middle East, especially Israel, is the single biggest cause of international terrorism and every sentient being knows it.

As if her pathetic defence of US policies in Pakistan weren’t enough on Friday, we get this on Saturday.

To continue this disgrace is unconscionable … but predictable. And for the scourge of reason, Netanyahu?

It’s an outrage that the USA backs Israel unconditionally and repudiates by rote Palestinian aspirations and, by inference, the aspirations of the greater Arab world.

The actions of the US have destabilized the entire planet.


  1. “The actions of the US have destabilized the entire planet.”
    Great statement. And Canada is reinforcing them.

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