Posted by: Tony Carson | 2 November, 2009

Lobbyist play divide and conquer

Like never before, the Democrats and Republicans have become twin polarities, distant from each other as the north pole is to the south.

Why? Their policies, the policies that the largest single group in the country, the Independents, wants are pretty much the same, Bush excesses aside.

So what has driven the parties so far apart? Money, the quest for it. And that money’s banker is the lobbyists.

The lobbyists gain by playing the game of divide and conquer: playing one party off against the other.

First, lobbyists destabilize the political environment, creating lots of background noise that prevents a coherent message from getting through. This destabilization allows the wing-nuts with the megaphones to be heard above the roar and this, in turn, contributes mightily to the confusion.

Once you’ve created a babbling mess in Washington, it’s easy for the lobbyists to do their thing. They have at least two choices: through the front door or through the back.

Lobbyists can slither through the backdoor and the mayhem and re-write the bills to their advantage — they do this all the time.

Or they can enter boldly through the front door and take the marketer’s approach and, with a reasonable voice amidst the babble, publicize their message for what is best for capitalist, corporate America and therefor best for all Americans.

They used both approaches expertly in the so-called Healthcare debate.

Lobbyists for the insurance companies negotiated behind the scenes to make certain they didn’t get any more unwanted medicare competition from government; lobbyists for Big Pharma negotiated away the right of government to seek savings through economies of scale.

Then, through the lobbyists, both the insurance companies and Big Pharma hooked up with Republicans to bludgeon Democrats for any number of concocted sins: death councils, loss of freedom, elderly kicked off medicare.

When that passed, after entirely destabilizing the debate, the lobbyists then focussed on the Democratic policy makers to gut the public option so that any real ‘reform’ is a pipe dream.

Follow the money and you’ll arrive a a gaggle of fat cats on K Street doing their damnedest to screw you out of everything you’ve got.

And they can use any door they want. They have so destabilized the country that no one is watching.


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