Posted by: Tony Carson | 3 November, 2009

5 times lucky on the lottery

A guy in Calgary, Alberta has won the lottery … 5 times! 5 friggin’ times!

His most recent win was $17 million which adds to the collection of his previous 4 wins to make him a 17 times millionaire.

This win wasn’t as easy as the past four. He had to go to court over competing claims that proved bogus and it really pissed him off. Apparently he was in no mood to celebrate his court coup:

“This was amounting to torture, to torture me because I won several times. I cannot refuse to accept the money that I won rightfully. I played the ticket,” Mr. Ndabene said in a Globe and Mail article.

He is considering suing the Western Canada Lottery Corp. for not giving him his bucks sooner. His claim has been hung up in court for 8 torturous months.

Mr. Ndabene immigrated to Canada from Mozambique in 1984. Given his litigious propensities, there is speculation that he may have watched a whole lot of American TV since his arrival.


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