Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 November, 2009

How sick is CNN?

CNN got whipped by Fox almost 5 to 1 on Tuesday’s election coverage and fell to fourth place — this after leading the pack last November.

The once great cable giant is becoming unwatchable.

Rick Sanchez is starting to personify it: good looking, nice voice but totally, as in absolutely, lacking in either content or gravitas — as we’ve said before.

It’s CNN’s gutlessness that is on show every night. In actually trying to be fair and balanced CNN comes off as an insipid milquetoast: one voice cancels the other in a boring left-right charade that has all the impact of a tied hockey game.

There are truths out there and there are authorities who can speak to them but CNN will never get to either of them by trotting out the same tired pundits with the same predictable ideological point-counter-point.

The pathetic op-ed culture CNN helped to create is stale. The formula is broken. Try a new one. It’s time to call in the scholars.

It’s time to start dealing seriously with serious issues. It’s worth a try. And they won’t have any competition.

In related news, News Corp Earnings Up Surprising 11%, Fox News Income Grows 41%.


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