Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 November, 2009

Israel: crying wolf?

The Iranians deny it, so do the Syrians and so does Hezbollah. But the Israelis insist.

Such is the credibility of Israel that we can’t be sure of the real story, not yet, at least.

This much is alleged by the Israel military: a ship left Damietta, Egypt with a cargo of rockets, hand grenades, mortars and at least 3,000 missiles to rain down on innocent Israelis. The ship was bound for Lebanon, to off-load its cargo to Hezbollah. The shipment originated in Iran.

Israel, which is among the top exporter of military weapons, boarded the vessel 100 miles off its coast and subsequently made its charges to a chorus of denials.

Trouble is, Israel simply cannot be believed, even if it’s telling the truth. It has lied so many times, made so many promises it had no intention of keeping, deliberately broken so many international laws while claiming justification, has cause so much misery to innocents that we simply can’t help but draw the conclusion that the country is operating with an entirely different code of conduct than most other countries.

Frankly, whenever it protests Israel has come to sound like it’s crying wolf.

And Israeli’s wolf doesn’t hunt, not any more, not with anyone who has paid attention to its recent bellicosity and stream of propaganda.

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