Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 November, 2009

Obama meets with Indian leaders

Indians, aka First Nations people, have been getting a raw deal ever since Europeans stepped foot on the continent. Everyone knows it.

Canada has wrestled aggressively with its shame, trying hard to find a way out … not always successfully. Australia has been more timid but is making some effort. The perception, right or wrong, has always been that the US, at least as guilty as the others, has swept the issue under a negotiating table that doesn’t exist.

But that just may be changing.

At a time when US President Obama is multi-tasking a seemingly unending series of vital issues, he has made room to make good on at least this campaign promise: to hold a yearly summit with tribal leaders.

The way forward to redress the wrongs is hazardous no matter what the country, what the continent, which of the islands. All can learn from the others, but only if there is active dialogue. This seems a good first step for the US.



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