Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 November, 2009

Agassi’s drop shot

How does admitting you had a drug problem help anyone?

Ex-tennis star Andre Agassi, intent on selling his new book, keeps pushing the line that by his confession that he took crack he hopes to help others. Is there any logic in this?

Agassi was/is probably a role model to many, he sort of was to my son who oft-repeated the Agassi banality that “Image is everything.” (I know it was on a TV advertisement, but he said it — he owns the phrase.) Don’t people like to copy their role models? Isn’t that the point?

For every one fan who takes the message ‘it’s not good to smoke crack and it’s not good to lie about it’ 100 will probably think, ‘hey, if Agassi did it, it must be OK.’

Agassi’s message is a deft drop-shot: you can’t quite get it.


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