Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 November, 2009

Yankees: statistical bullies

The Yankees bought another World Series.

That spectacle embarrassingly mocks sporting competition.

The New York Yankees payroll was almost twice that of Philadelphia Phillies: $208,097,414 vs $111,209,046.

It’s like a 210 pound heavyweight punching out a 110 pound bantamweight. Ya, the smaller guy can get in a lucky punch and win but are you going to tune in for that long-shot?

No. Most tuned in to watch the fiscal Goliath hammer on the economic-strapped David. It’s the fight of a bully. And it’s sick that society sees this as a fair fight.

Why do people show-up and tune-in, particularly when the home team is out of the pennant race before the season starts? All the other sports have salary caps to level out the playing field, why not baseball?

There is an answer to this, I’m sure. But I could care less. Baseball has become more spectacle than sport. I switched off years ago.


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