Posted by: Tony Carson | 7 November, 2009

Obama — still has time to remember campaign promises

Thank God President Obama is taking his time making a decision on troop escalation in Afghanistan. It allows him the time to get it right. It’s allowing time to grasp a greater clarity of realities:

The increasing damage it is doing at home — not just one insane guy on a killing spree but a military installation and its nearby town doomed to depression, repeated across the country.

The increasing havoc it is causing abroad“What have the Americans done in eight years?” asked Abdullah Wasay, 60, a pharmacist in Charikar, a market town about 25 miles north of Kabul, expressing a view typical of many here. “Americans are saying that with their planes they can see an egg 18 kilometers away, so why can’t they see the Taliban?”

The escalating costs of war — conservative say the US can’t afford healthcare reform but that annual price tag of $80 billion is a fraction of wars that are costing the US. So far, it’s almost $1 trillion — $700 billon in Iraq, $230 billion in Afghanistan and all this is borrowed money so has a daily interest payment attached to it, too.

The unsupported warin a recent poll almost 60% of Americans said they were NOT in favour of the war in Afghanistan, the war that may soon have an escalation.

The reason for the war — to get al-qaeda? Apparently, there are less than a 100 in Afghanistan and anyway, the terrorist group doesn’t need a locale, it just needs an internet connection. And the Taliban? The Taliban poses no threat to Americans at home. There is no reason reason for this war, never mind continuing it.

Keeping his promise — he hasn’t delivered on most the vast majority of his campaign promises. Maybe there is still a chance for this one.

And to stop a lot of this — innocent Afghans dies in Nato Air strikes.

So, it’s good that Obama is taking his time making a vietnam-proportions decision. It might give him an opportunity to read up on his campaign literature — the reason people voted for him.


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