Posted by: Tony Carson | 7 November, 2009

The Staging of Stephen Harper

He comes off as wooden and manipulating as his reputation but his office continues sending out staged photos of Canada’s Prime Minister in the hopes that the feel-good pics will be picked up by newspapers and even blogs.

The Globe and Mail has a few of them with comment, but the one the sticks indelibly in the mind is the picture of him shaking hands with his 8 year-old-kid as he left him off at school.


But this image is a close second, not so much for the shot but for the skin-scrawling caption that accompanies the photo. You know he’d be dinning down on seal meat ever since Governor General Michaelle Jean was so widely-celebrated for her snack of seal heart. But this?


“The Prime Minister said, ‘I really enjoyed eating seal meat and look forward to having it again,’ ” an e-mail from a PMO spokesman informed reporters.

This visual pablum does little more than speak about a man who has the sensitivity and compassion of a Machiavelli.

Would you want to relax and have a beer with this man? No, he’d take a sip and be gone.


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