Posted by: Tony Carson | 8 November, 2009

Catholicism: the world watches it grow old with pity

With abortion and gay marriage, the Catholic hierarchy is dancing on the head of a pin.

Vocal Catholics, stalwarts of their ultra-conservative tradition, fight rear guard actions as the army of the enlightened moves on.

With all the moral issues so prevalent to day — all the social inequities, all the globe-threatening travesties, all the human-debasing debacles — why fight your trench warfare over two cherry-picked ‘personal’ issues of so little consequence to the vast majority?

Poverty, north-south divide, slow destruction of the planet, rich vs poor, have vs have not — these are moral issues that affect great swaths of the planet’s population and about them we heard hardly a hierarchical peep from Catholics.

If political leadership lives in a ‘bubble,’ what can be said of these tone-deaf prelates who prattle on with their medieval mind-sets while the planet and society cries out for moral leadership?

In Time’s article, Powerhouse Priests Spar Over What It Means To Be Catholic, you discover why the pews are empty. Talk about a pyrrhic victory. Sure, abortion and gay marriage affront traditional Catholic tradition. We get that. Honest.

This Catholic pout is like when you’re reading a book you stop when you don’t understand a word. OK, you’ve missed something but do you need to cheat yourself of the rest of the story?

The Catholic church has become a laughable enclave of tired old white men who just can’t give up their red shoes.


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